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Why Medina County?

CASTROVILLE: Where History Shapes The Future

Welcome to Castroville, The Little Alsace of Texas.

Welcome to Castroville, The Little Alsace of Texas. Castroville was founded in 1844 by Henri Castro and families from Alsace, the easternmost province of France. The town was developed on a land grant along the Medina River. Over the years, the town grew to become a city, and to include development to the west and east of its borders. It also grew in population. The 2015 population estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau is 2,931. Castroville is a historic community and continues to preserve and showcase the unique Alsatian architecture of the many historic homes and sites throughout the city. Experience Castroville's rich cultural heritage by visiting our unique shops, sampling traditional Alsatian cuisine, and touring historic buildings and grounds.




Miles West of San Antonio


Active Runways

Castroville Municipal Airport (CVB)

The Castroville Municipal Airport is 22 minutes from downtown San Antonio, and located just off of Highway 90 on the east side of the city. The CVB is classified as a B-II General Use Airport. The B-II classification supports a weight category of 15,000 pounds, single wheel aircraft, for up to 12 passengers. The CVB is an uncontrolled (no control tower) field located in Class G Airspace. The field is lighted from sundown to dawn. The Airport recently extended the runway in order to accommodate corporate jets. In the last 4 years, the CVB has added new hangars and extended the runway to 5,001 feet. The CVB offers 100 LL and Jet A with additive at competitive prices. Currently, the City and CVB are working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Aviation Division to install a Jet A Fuel System. The CVB offers a courtesy car for pilots as well as a flight planning area. The Airport consists of 458.88 acres used partly for aviation-related uses, as well as for farming. Approximately 335 acres are available for development. Of that amount, approximately 212 acres are available west of the runway; approximately 123 acres are east of the runway. In February 2017, the City Council approved Light Industrial zoning for the CVB. City staff is poised to assist businesses and developers in locating commercial, light industrial and aviation-related businesses in Castroville and at the Castroville Municipal Airport.

New Partners. New Attitude. New Direction

The City of Castroville works with the Castroville Area Economic Development Council (CAEDC) and the Castroville Area Chamber of Commerce to attract and retain businesses. The focus of new development is in the eastern portion of Castroville and the Castroville area. We seek to blend the new with the historic by attracting retail business that complements the existing businesses in the city and in the historic downtown area. In addition, Castroville looks to attract light industrial and aviation-related businesses to the Castroville Municipal Airport (CVB), located south of U. S. Highway 90, off of F.M. 471 South. The CVB has over 200 acres of developable land west of the runway, which was expanded in 2016 to 5,001 feet. The CVB is zoned Light Industrial.

Supporting Education

The Medina Valley Independent School District serves approximately 4,700 students and has 5 campuses: 3 elementary, 1 middle school and 1 high school. Students come from the cities of Castroville, LaCoste, Rio Medina, Dunlay, Mico, and parts of San Antonio. Medina Valley ISD has seen consistent growth in student enrollment, averaging 225 new students each year. In May 2016, the voters approved a $78 million bond to build new schools in the Medina Valley ISD.

New Development and Growth

Approximately 1,000 acres of mixed used development is taking place in the Castroville area.

Over 60% of the acreage is targeted for single - and multi-family housing.

The estimated new housing units is just over 69,700.

The Future is Now

The City of Castroville is making infrastructure improvements around the City. The expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Facility began in November 2016, and is expected to be completed in December 2018. The City began the Waterline Replacement Project in the historic downtown Castroville area in December 2016. The Eastside Lift Station Project is underway.

Road to Success

Over 51,000 vehicles travel through Castroville each day. As part of the San Antonio region, Castroville and Medina County residents drive through Castroville on their commutes to and from work in San Antonio and areas east.

Castoville looks forward to partnering with you to make your company an integral part of our local business community

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